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Custom Wristbands India

Now Custom Wristbands available in India at wholesale Price. These  Custom Wristbands are very useful for promotional activities like event , part or election campaign. As a leading manufacturer of these custom silicone wristbands, we have wide range of  custom wristbands in India. These  Custom Wristbands are customizable according to customer requirement.
Generally Printed custom wristbands are used in promotional activities. But we also provide engraved custom wristbands as well as glow in dark custom silicone wristbands in India. In engraved Silicone Wristbands the design are engraved in wristbands with colors. Engraving is done by laser as well as by Mould. In glow in dark custom silicone wristbands, wristbands are glow in dark or night, because of radium.  These Custom Silicone Wristbands are always be best choice for promotional activities.
In printed Silicone wristbands, the printing is done with the help of imported colors which will permanently attached with silicone custom wristbands and never fade out in any condition. Therefore these wristbands suits to any budget. And this is the main reason why people use Printed Custom Wristbands as a promotional Products.

Custom Wristbands Manufacturer in India

Now custom wristbands are available in India at wholesale price. XORDUX Provide customized silicone wristbands in bulk at wholesale rate.  These Silicone Wristbands are made with high quality Silicone Material. Therefore these silicone wristbands are very soft and durable. These silicone wristbands can be customize according customer requirements. User can customize these Rubber Wristbands with their unique logo or with message. These Silicone Wristbands are also known as Rubber Wristbands.

For Printing on these silicone wristbands we use imported special colors which is permanently attached with these silicone custom wristbands. This printing will never fade out from silicone wristbands in any condition. We have trained employees who are expert in printing on these custom wristbands. We can print multi color logo or message on custom wristbands.

Since we are manufacturer of these custom wristbands in India, we can deal with large quantity of silicone custom wristbands. We have ability for production of 20,000 pc of custom Wristbands in a single day. We have also supply custom wristbands for election campaign. We had supply around 10,00,000pc of custom wristbands in India during election campaign.

These Silicone Custom Wristbands are highly used in promotional activities like in event , Party or election campaign and these custom wristbands are also used to authenticate persons in any event or promotional campaign. Therefore these Silicone Custom Wristbands are also use for security purpose.

IPL Silicone Wristbands Manufacturer | Promotional Wristbands Manufacturer

XORDUX always provide you high quality silicone wristbands for event or promotional activities. We also provide IPL Silicone Wristbands during IPL Matches. These silicone wristbands are manufactured with high quality wristbands. These Wristbands are durable. You can customize your silicone Wristbands with your logo or message. We have ability to handle and manufacture silicone wristbands in huge quantity. We have capacity to produce nearly 20,000 pc of silicone wristbands in a single day.

We have full range of customize silicone wristbands which suited for any budget. These Silicone Wristbands can be custom printed as required by customer. These rubber wristbands can be used as entry ticket in any event or party so, these wristbands provide you facility to identify any person in the event or party. Due to durability and water proof feature of these silicone wristbands , these can be used for many purpose.

Election Silicone Wristbands Manufacturer | Election Wristbands Supplier in Inida

Election silicone Wristbands in India

XORDUX Provide high quality silicone wristbands for election promotion. These wristbands are good for election promotion. Since we are manufacturer of these silicone wristbands therefore we provide these election wristbands in various election. In various election each candidate try to promote their party in a unique way. So here election wristbands comes to promote their election campaign. So we are specialized to manufacture these silicone wristbands for election campaign and for other promotional activities during elections.

We have full range of customized silicone wristbands options for our customer which will suit any budget. These election wristbands can be custom printed as required by customer. You can customize your silicone wristbands with your unique logo or any personalized message. We are also providing in-house artwork designing facilities so that you will get an idea that how your Silicone wristbands looks like after final production. We have capacity to provide 20,000 pc of election silicone wristbands in a single day. We also provide 24×7 customer service to give best experience to our customer.

Qualities of these Election Silicone Wristbands :

  • Highly Durable
  • tear resistance
  • Water Proof
  • Comfortable
  • light weight

We are providing our service in all over India including Kerala , Karnataka , Telangana , Tamil Nadu , Goa , Maharashtra , West Bengal , Kochi , Bangalore , Coimbatore , Kolkata , Mumbai , Ahmedabad , Gujarat.




Printed Wristbands Manufacturer in Karimganj | Promotional Wristbands in Karimganj

Xordux is one of the best Printed Wristbands Manufacturer in Karimganj ( Assam ) so we have the largest selection of Silicone Printed Wristbands backed by our impeccable reputation for on time delivery, guaranteed quality, and superior service. Xorudx provide full range of wristband manufacturing & printing services to suit any budget or need in Vijayawada . Check out our wristbands Adjustable to any size are given to attendees during admission at events such as concerts, museums, zoos, bars and entertainment venues for tracking and identifying guests with general or special access. Our major products are silicone wristband, printed wristband, plain wristband, plain wristband, engraved wristband, glow in dark wristband, kids wristband, embossed wristband, wristband key chains, etc. We provide low as well as high quality wristband as required by our clients. Wristbands can be custom printed with your own branding or logo.

Printed Wristbands Manufacturer

Our Rubber Printed Wristbands or bracelets are great for either single or multi-day wear. Having an event that needs special access they can be assigned a special colored Bracelet with a custom printed message VIP or STAGE along with the name of the event. You can also use these wrist tickets to advertise your company for a marketing campaign.

Xordux is the largest wristband wholesaler & supplier in Mysore ,we can fulfill any quantity of wristband & on time delivery in Mysore . We also provide wristband for election campaigns & for other promotional services in Karimganj ( Assam ) , Whether you are organizing a full day festival IN Karimganj ( Assam ) , a regular night at one of your venues in Karimganj ( Assam ) , or even a corporate event in Karimganj ( Assam ) .

Printed Wristbands Manufacturer in Karimganj ( Assam )

Quality Of Wristbands

  1. Soft
  2. Light Weight
  3. Comfortable
  4. durable
  5. tear resistant
  6. water proof
  7. can eaily applied to any size wrist


Printed Wristbands Printed Wristbands Printed Wristbands

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